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Last year, during the month of May, I interviewed 30 different moms. I asked them about motherhood, what they learned from their moms, what they're teaching their kiddos, the joys, the hardships, all things mom. Kathryn was one of the 30 moms. (If you feel like doing a deep dive, all 30 interviews are up on both my Facebook and Instagram pages)

Let me start off by saying I absolutely adore Kathryn. She was a confidant while we were teaching together. She is a friend outside of the classroom. She has included me her family events and she has continued to support and encourage in the years that we have not worked together. I absolutely adore her and her family is pretty fantastic as well. Her interview for the Moms of May campaign was one of my favorites.

She and Jeff, her husband, have one daughter, Emerie, and I am in awe as I watch these two parent. They speak and move with such grace. They support her in her athletics and in her hobbies. They encourage her to try new things and to be kind to those around her. They watch from afar but are a net when needed.

They are raising a wonderful young lady who is brave and courageous. She is strong-willed and determined. Emerie is kind and if I must say wonderful in front of a camera!

I haven't seen them since quarantine had started, and it was so nice to spend an evening with them. I love this family and am so grateful for them today.

Happy Monday friends!

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