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The Wright Stuff

I have sat down to write this blog at least a dozen times. Each one deleted. What do you say about one of your closest friends and her amazing family that will do them proper justice. What do you say about a family that welcomes you with open arms, time and time again. What do you say about a family that reminds you so much of your own, you can't help but smile....you say just that.

I met the Wright family through my dear friend Meredith. We met almost a decade ago through a mutual friend. Not realizing I was in need of a Meredith in my life, I surprised at how well we clicked. Our conversations weaved from books, to our love of DWTS and the Defined Dish. We chatted about boys, she was with me the night my now husband and I started talking, and we chatted about our worries, fears, and of course what was in the latest Paper Source catalog. I have watched her become a wonderful wife and now an amazing mom.

It was through Meredith, that I met the Wright family. The Wright family reminds me so much of my own. They are quick-witted, they are humorous, they welcome in all sorts of strays. Myself included along with the numerous animals that the matriarch, Theresa, takes in and cares for. They are loud in the way that you're only loud with your family. They are creative and they are kind. They also have a name that is a field day for puns...am I wright?! I truly hope that you have someone in your lives like the Wrights. A family that has includes you as their own, a family that speaks their minds, a family that is just wright.

Happy Monday, friends.

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