• Chelsea Ann

Through it All, He was Loved.

Everything was cancelled. His showers, his newborn shoot, all of it. He was a May baby and with everything going on, he didn't get the pop and circumstance that most first born kids get.

Through all of it he was still loved. He was loved on through zoom and facetime. He was loved on through front doors and picture windows. He was loved through it all and when everyone was ready, we got to meet Philip.

I had seen pictures and I had heard stories, but actually getting to meet and love on this little guy was just so exciting. He is all smiles! He is smiling when he is playing with those feet that he had just discovered. He is smiling when he is with mom and dad. He is smiling when he is seeing all the new shapes and colors. He is smiling and he is loved, also he's pretty adorable.

Happy Monday, friends!

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