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Tone on in, the colors are fine!

Welcome back to week 2 of our Fall Family Photo prep!

Last week, we answered the age old question "Where do I even begin?". If you didn't check out last weeks blog, you can find it here: https://www.chelseawestphotography.com/post/let-s-get-it-started

Now that you know to start at the end, the question that follows next is usually "What colors should I wear?"

You have an idea of what colors scheme you want to use, but what specific color can be tricky. A lot of this answer has to do with your skin tone.

Did you know your skin as two tones? You have a surface tone and an under tone. Your surface tone is the skin color you would describe yourself as having, where as the under tone is the color underneath the surface. Those under tones can be: cool (pink, red or blueish), warm (yellow, peach, or goldeny colors) or neutral (more olivey).

Surface tones are easy to figure out, you can actually see it. Undertones are a bit more tricky. No worries though, here are a few tips to help you find out which undertones you have!

1) Are you veins more green or blue? A bluer vein usually means a cool undertone and a green more warm.

2) Natural eye color can also be helpful. Those with cool undertones usually have green, blue, or grey eyes. Warm tones tend to have brown, amber or hazel eyes.

3) Finally, lets go to the pool. When you spend a day in the sun, do you turn a golden color or are you a tomato? Warm undertones will turn golden and cool tones will become tomatoes!

Now that you know which skin tone and under tone you are, you can narrow down which colors work best for you! I found this great color wheel example for you guys to use as a jumping off point from 30daysweater.com

I know what you're thinking. Hey wait, my final room has more cool colors in it and I have a warm undertone. Those don't go together. Don't worry! That's what complementary colors are for!

We all know the three primary colors on the color wheel (red, blue, yellow), complementary colors are directly across the color wheel. So if we were to take the gap out of this color wheel, which color would be directly across from the color scheme of your room? That color would complement the colors you already have!

Not a big of color in general? That is ok too! Neutrals colors are just that, they are neutral and tend to go with multiple color schemes! Gray, khaki, browns, creams, all look great paired with the color wheel!

The next step, once the main color has been decided, is to play with combinations! Find patterns, shades of that color, and other complementary colors to coordinate the outfits. Tiny tip: Patterns that are too big, colors that are super bright, and large words take away from you and your family. Make sure that you are the focal point for your Fall Family Photos!

Alright friends, we know where our pictures are going to go and we know what color is best going to fit that room! Next week, we discuss what type of clothing to look for that best fits you! That's right, we are talking body types next week! There are several different body types and clothing styles for each!

In the mean time, let me know which undertones you found! Are you more cool, warm, or neutral?

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