• Chelsea Ann

We Have This Day

Several months ago, March 10th to be exact, I went to see my sweet friend, Samantha. She and her husband, Xavier, were expecting their first child and I was over to take her maternity pictures. We had plans to meet again for delivery day photos. We had plans for an actual newborn shoot. We had plans.

4 days later, the world shut down. The world shut down and cancelled all of our plans. Talking with Samantha, we were both devastated. Not only did our plans not go through, but I missed my friend. I wanted to actually see her, check on her, and be there for her in more than just a text.

Anthony is now almost 9 months old. We didn't have delivery day photos, and we didn't have a newborn shoot. However, we did have this day.

We have this day to catch up. We have this day to gush over how beautiful he is. We have this day to hear about each and every milestone. We have this day to watch him try his hardest to crawl! He was so close! We have this day. While I am distraught that we didn't have the previous days, I am elated that we have this day!

And on this day, I chose to be thankful. Thankful for these friends, for this precious boy, for this opportunity. On this day, I am thankful.

Happy Monday, friends.

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