• Chelsea Ann

What About You?

On a normal morning, on a normal day, I get up and get ready for work. Shower, breakfast, devotional, check my emails, you know the usual morning routine.

But now...now we are anything but normal. While I don't have kids to home school, and I'm still technically working, it is a whole lot harder to wake up and start the day. I wake up and am instantly hit with a wave of uncertainty. Is everyone going to make it through ok today? Are those who can't provide for themselves or their families going to make it? What is going to happen and when will this end? Will it ever end? My first few moments in the shower are those of grogginess and fear.

As I start to wake up and my mind starts to process what I'm doing, there is a switch (that I thankfully have) that shuts it down. The doubt and the fear vanish like the morning fog and what I am left with is a beautiful sun rise on a cloudless day. I remind myself that no matter the circumstances, today is a gift. It is a new opportunity and no matter the circumstances, you still control the day. I know this week is going to be rough, and we are going to have even more confirmed cases. However, I also know that our hospital and local medical staff are doing such an amazing job right now. I am still able to communicate with my family and friends. I am still able to hug my husband at the end of the day. These are gifts and for now I will cherish each of these moments.

Now that I know this isn't ending tomorrow and that I am doing what I can do (check out last weeks blog for my Top 5 Tips on how to Survive Quarantine). I can be thankful, I can hopeful, and I can shine a light that hopefully others can see and brighten their day.

So what about you? What gets you up and moving during the hard days?

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