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What I Wish You Knew, Part One

I cannot believe that we are almost done with the month of August! There are two Monday's left and that is two opportunities to share with you a little bit more. You know this is my favorite month, that I love to read, that I once was a teacher and love when my photography world and my educator world collide. This week, I wanted to share with you some things that I often assume people know. However, we all know what assuming means! So, all assuming aside, here are 5 things I wish you knew...part 1!

First, I wish you knew that I thoroughly enjoy getting to spend time with you and your family. Family sessions are my favorite sessions. I love seeing each family members personality, how you interact with each other, the love that you have for each other.

Secondly, I wish you knew that these sessions do not have to be stressful at all! It is ok if everyone doesn't match or coordinate. It is ok if not every single person is smiling in every single photo, capturing their true personality is just so much more special. When families ask what they can do to prepare, my answer usually calls along the lines of: involve the family in brainstorming outfits or poses, make sure everyone is dressed weather appropriate, rested and fed, and make sure you're comfortable! Ya'll, there should be zero pressure for you during these shoots.

Third, I wish you knew that cheese doesn't work. Words that end in a hard "E" sound tend to draw the lips down and if littles are trying hard enough, their eyebrows usually go down as well. If I am not there, try to use words that end in a soft "A" sound, like yoga. If I am there, take a moment to naturally interact with your children to get those natural, gorgeous smiles!

Fourth, I wish you knew that when you do what you normally do, it works better than any of my poses! That kitchen dancing and hugging that we always do, absolutely beautiful. That moment when you first pick up your kiddo and there's a tiny toss attached, so adorable! Have fun and know that it is ok to have fun!

Finally, I wish you knew that I love, love, love it when you share your images online. I love it when you print your images, and when you share with your family and friends! I love it when you give the sweetest shout-outs and when you leave wonderful reviews. I love it when you send your friends my way and I love it when you return!

Friends, thank you for being here. Thank you for being wonderful clients. Thank you for your support and thank you for trusting me to take your family photos!

Happy Monday, friends!

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