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What's Your Purpose?

Buckle up, friends. We are going on a deep dive into the Chelsea Vault.

Prior to becoming a photographer, I was a middle school history teacher. I was in my 8th year of teaching when some...we will call them medical dominoes...began to topple. While I thought it started out overnight, I now realize that it had been building for awhile. January 15th was the last time I was in a classroom and for the next five months I was a mess.

That year, during Lent, I was doing my morning devotional and its theme was purpose. Your purpose in your faith, your family, your walk. What was your purpose? At the time, I didn't know what my purpose was anymore. I couldn't go to church, I wasn't providing for my family in any way, and I couldn't walk without getting even more sick. I had no purpose. You guys, I melted. I sat on the couch and I sobbed. My whole life, I have known my purpose. I have woken up everyday knowing what I was going to do, when I was going to do it, and how it was going to be done. I had a purpose, I walked in my purpose, and I loved being in that walk.

Not knowing what each day was going to bring, not knowing what was wrong with me, and not knowing how this was going to end was dreadful. In finding my way through those months, I found my way into photography. I've told this story before but it was in the great outdoors that CWP was created. Sitting under my tree, I saw several doe. Two of them began to fight and with my little camera, I shot the whole thing. I was so excited to see and show everyone...until I actually saw them. Blurry, oh so blurry. Poorly composed, and it was so dark. Just so terrible. Under that tree, I wanted to get better. I wanted be better in almost every aspect of my life at that time.

Thankfully, years later, I am. I am healthier than I was then. I am more aware and empathetic than I was then. Above all, I have found my new purpose. I am happy to say that my purpose is to serve. That service meets multiple levels. As far as CWP goes, I am of service to you. To help your family remember these moments for generations to come with wonderful images. I am here to catch those toothless smiles. I am here to capture the first homerun, touchdown, goal, the list could go on forever. I am here to help you remember these times when they aren't here anymore. My purpose is to be here for you. Friends, I am here. What do you need?

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