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What to Know Before Your Grad Session

NOTE: This blog was written in mid February before our world was turned on its head. While most of tid-bits are no longer happening (except for those darn allergies), the message still holds true!

Spring is on its way you guys! It's finally going to stay warm for longer than a day or two. The flowers are starting to bloom, along with the allergies. Baseball season is back, amidst a stealing signs scandal. Also, grads, you only have a few months left before the end of the school year!

With such little time left, it is time for these grads to start answering some questions. Where am I going to go after this? Does that place know I'm going to be coming/do I need to apply? Another essay?! Are you going to have to move? They need an essay too?! How many letters of requirement are too many letters and can I just change the name on each of them? Are you going to have a party? Large or small? How many of your moms friends can come before they outnumber your friends? What am I going to wear? Can I repeat the outfit I wear at said party on actual graduation day? When is graduation day? Do I actually have to be there? Do I send out invites? What goes on the invites? You know just the normal graduate questions.

While most of those questions you're going to have to answer on your own, I can answer a few for you! Yes, you need to send out invites to your party and YOU need to be on them! Thankfully, I can help you out with both! Whether your grad shoot is already planned or not, I put together a list of tips and tricks to help you out on your shoot day!

1.) When looking for a location, think of place that can offer multiple backgrounds. Places like the Petroleum Museum are great because of all the variety. Downtown also has a ton of places that you can visit during your shoot!

2.) Work with your photographer to determine how many outfits you are going to have. Most often there are three. A dressier look, a more casual look, and then a look that shows off the school you are going to or will be going to.

3.) What are you going to wear?! Whatever you feel comfortable in! Try everything on before your shoot day and see what does and doesn't fit! Those new shoes you just bought, do a lap around the house and see if you can actually walk in them. That dress is super cute, but can you move in it...better yet, breath. All these little things translate in pictures. If you aren't comfortable or can't move, everyone else will see that too!

4.) Once you've got your pictures back, you can use them for several different things. Your graduation party invites (I can totally help you put these together), those slideshows that churches or your parents put together, the graduation announcements that you send out to the people who don't get a party invite, or use them to blow up your social media. We all do it, it's ok.

5.) Remember to enjoy these little moments. The photo shoots, the party, the ceremony, the time with your family and friends. Enjoy each and every one of these moments.

Last Friday, Governor Abbott announced that schools would remain virtual for the remainder of the year and my heart just broke for all the graduates out there. I would have never imagined that you guys wouldn't get to walk the halls again, the events to celebrate you have been cancelled, and who knows if you're going to get a graduation. I know that I cannot fix all of these things, but I'm going to try and bring some joy back. For all you grads in the greater Midland area (kinder, 8th, 12th, secondary education) I am starting a "Grads on the Grass" session. These are 20 minute sessions done in your front yard. Throw on your cap and gown, your school spirit shirt, or go for a dressier look! I'll be a safe distance away and all I ask is you make a donation to St. Vincent de Paul if you can. DM or email me for more info and to sign up!

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