• Chelsea Ann

William Takes On Wall!

Have ya'll been downtown recently? Ya'll, we have a downtown now, and it is beautiful! No longer is Luigi's the only place to eat down town. Luigi's, Opal's Table, Cancun Grill, Pi Social, all are so good! There are places to shop (Cocobananas, Lo St. Books, and many more!) The Bush Convention Center, the Yucca Theatre, the newly painted library, not to mention the amazing Centennial Park! We have a downtown!

This recently renovated downtown area of ours is the perfect place to go for any session, let alone an adorable kinder grad session! Ya'll, William, a self-proclaimed Ravenclaw, owned these downtown streets! We started off at the library where he showed off his model skills! The downtown library has so many perfect places to take a portrait! The wings were a perfect starting point, followed by the hot-air balloon, and onto the the mural painted on the eastern side of the building!

As we moved our way back toward Wall street, William in his cap and gown, so many people stopped to tell him "Congratulations!" Passers by, through the windows of the restaurants, and those on the patio at Pi Social! All wishing this young man the best!

The smile that was across his face for the rest of the night was absolutely priceless! As you can see, we had such a lovely evening downtown! William did such an amazing job, so proud of him! Downtown is amazing, go check it out if you haven't been! Apps, dinner, and dessert is all right there!

Happy Monday, friends! Oh, and if you were one of the many that congratulated this young man, THANK YOU!!

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