• Chelsea Ann

You Can See It In Her Face

I can't tell you how many times I have told a student, my parents, friends....possibly strangers...that their faces are talking too loud.

I only say it because I know my face always has got something to say. Don't get me wrong, I love a good facial expression. Throw a good side eye, I'm there. An eyebrow lift at the perfect time, yes please. A dropped jaw, sign me up!

You can tell so much by what a person's face is saying. Especially in teens, their world is on their face. Happy, sad, confused, irritated, it is all there.

I learned a lot about Averi because of her facial expressions. I could see when she was confused and needed further explanation. I could see when she was having a good day, nothing could take that smile away. I could see when she was upset or worried. I could see when she was anxious about balancing school and diving. I could see when she was joyful and excited. I could see when she had so much empathy for those around her.

Averi has such a caring heart and goes out of her way to help those around her. She is passionate and she brave. She sees those who are often unseen and makes a point to see them. She makes those around her feel heard.

Averi turned 16 during quarantine, so it took us a second to get Sweet 16 pictures organized. When we did, it turned into so many things. A Sweet 16, a sister, and a best friends shoot all in one. It was such a fun, magical night. Hearing these big, belly laughs out of these girls made my heart smile for days.

It was just so heartwarming to see the joy on her face. How do you wear your joy?

Happy Monday friends!

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