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You have to be involved...

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

My parents had a few rules when my sister and I were kids:

* Just because you're awake, doesn't mean I have to be.

* Spend time outside everyday

* We have family dinners

* No whining

* Don't be sneaky

* You have to be involved in something

* You have to be involved in something, and it reallllly should be inside

You know, just the basic family rules.

From an early age, my sister and I were involved in several different activities. We tried our hand at t-ball, we are two years apart and somehow were on the same team. That didn't make a lick of sense then, and still doesn't now. I was in, I think, dance for literally a day. They told me I had to have a tu-tu and I was done. Once we started school and were old enough to be involved in school activities, we were. Toastmasters, sports, choir, band, orchestra . You need a warm body to fill a slot, the Frederickson sisters were there!

The older we got, more activities became available. My sister gave it a go at soccer and softball. I went out for volleyball and basketball. It was then that my parents made a rule. We play indoor sports.

My parents are fair weather fans. Having to spend time outside in the inclement weather (you know: rain, wind, cold, heat, just your normal west Texas weather) was not on my parents to-do list. It wasn't until my junior year that the rule changed. That was ONLY because I could drive and they didn't have to come to said activity (until I missed the bus for one track meet and thankfully my dad drove me there *palm to forehead*). Because we had to be involved in something, and they no longer had to take us, we both branched "out" to different activities. I got into track. My sister found the only two pigs that had been possessed by, what I can only assume was, the devil and showed pigs. Never the less, we were still involved.

We were involved in our church youth group, we volunteered, we had camps to go to. Something was always happening, and somebody was always doing something.

That has translated into so many different aspects of my adult life. Being active in my community, in my church, and in my family has continued with me to this very day. That being said, I try very hard to be involved with the youth that I taught, my other family members and their kids, and of course my amazing circle of friends. All of these kids are super involved with their own activities. I always love when I'm asked to attend as a fan or to document the activity.

With all of these activities, I have started a new Instagram page! This page is specifically geared towards activities. Sports, concerts, performances, this is what it is all for! You guys, I am so excited about this! I would absolutely love for you to follow along on Instagram (cwp_sports) and please let me know if you have or know of someone who has an activity! I would absolutely love to attend!

Have a marvelous Monday friends!

Incredibly excited,


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