• Chelsea Ann

"You'll Never Find A Rainbow If You're Looking Down" - Charlie Chaplin

I remember having an adult-sized melt down when I was in high school. I was completely overwhelmed with all the I had going on and felt like I was drowning. You see, I used to be (probably still am but that is neither here nor there) on of those people that let everything build up inside and then exploded when one small cherry was daintily placed on top. When I exploded, I was inconsolable and would just melt in the corner.

My dad had caught the brunt of this particular explosion and was, in turn, given the task of trying to calm me down. I listed the insurmountable list of things that were overwhelming me and he just shook his head. "Chelsea, did you ever think to ask for help?"

What?! Of course I didn't think to ask for help. One does not conquer the world with help! I can clearly do it all on my own....obviously.

I can't tell you how many times these moments have happened. Things are so, incredibly, overwhelming and all you have to do is ask for help. It is hard, it is often a shot to the pride, it is humbling. But friends, from my years of tears, it is so worth it. Things happen. Sometimes we have control over them sometimes we don't. Regardless of which it is, chances are there is someone or something to help out.

The Rainbow Room is the perfect example. When an emergency happens, they are there to provide the basic needs. When Family and Protective Services caseworkers are working with a family, they use the Rainbow Room as an emergency resource room, and friends, I have some big news...

This is the last week of this fundraiser and we have officially raised over $1,500! I cannot say thank you enough to those of you that have participated. It has meant the world and I have loved seeing so many personalities shine! There are a handful of open spots left for this last week, if you're interested in claiming one of them, please let me know!

Happy Monday, friends!

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