• Chelsea Ann

You're Going Where?!

Teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th graders is an adventure. Each day brings on a whole new set of dilemmas and triumphs. Someone sat in my seat, someone looked at me, someone said they didn't like me anymore, the list could just go on and on. That was never Will.

Will just wanted to play basketball. P.E., recess, weekends, summer, afternoons, he just wanted to play. Between basketball and his love for A&M, it was pretty easy to figure out what Will was doing and where Will was going.

He signed up for the Grads on the Grass session last week. When I asked him to put his thumb up, as I hear the Aggies do, he looked at me with a blank stare. "I'm not going there." I could feel his dad's heart sink behind me. "I'm going to Tech." Quite loudly I proclaimed "You're going where?!" Two things. You count on Will for two things: Basketball and his love for the Aggies. He's going to Tech?!

Well, then let me see your best finger guns. He held up his forefinger and thumb. I was about to snap the picture when behind me, my Red Raider husband said "45 degrees, you hold you guns at a 45 degree angle." So there we go, the basketball loving Aggie is headed to the LBK. Take it easy on him Raiders.

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